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Current situation, vision, goals and prioritized improvement areas.
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Agile transformation and evolvement.
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Continuously evolve and improve.
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We want to be the world’s leading partner in evolving agile!

Agiltec News.

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Leading SAFe®, now in version 4.6

In this two-day training you will learn how to lead agile development on a large scale with the help of...

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Leading SAFe in Solna

Our two superstars in SAFe, Nils Granered and Karin Höök, has hosted yet another Leading SAFe course during the past...

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With hearts to the heat!

"With hearts to the heat!" That was the theme for our autumn kick off that we just came home from....

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Now we are opening Agiltec South

Agiltec South is now opening in Lund, Skåne. This will be Agiltecs' fifth office in Sweden. Agiltec South will support...

Our Team.

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Jeanette Jealmo

CEO Agiltec Group

Tomas Löfstrand

CEO Agiltec Mitt

Karin Höök

CEO Agiltec Gothenburg

Isabelle Svärd

Senior Agile Coach, Stockholm

Mats Mörlund

Senior Agile Coach, Lund

Dennis Bergman

Senior Agilist, Umeå
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Training is the key to get the organization as a whole onboard in the agile transformation and is therefore a significant road to success! Make your reservation today!
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A key ingredients to be able to succeed with the agile transformation is to find faults fast and fix them fast. Building silos without interaction and save the major testing until the end has proven to fail over and over again.
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Agiltec leads large organizations through the agile transformation. Our customers notice increased efficiency and quality, smarter processes and increased engagement among their employees.