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About Agiltec

In a rapidly changing world, new demands are constantly being made of organizations, leaders and employees. We at Agiltec have developed a unique and progressive method that helps us lead our customers into an Agile working method.

Our senior coaches have extensive experience, profound understanding and knowledge of Agile transformations. We work together as a team in our projects, which brings the entire company’s expertise to the customer. For us, Agile transformation is real and nothing you do in an instant.
We lead major organizations from BeAgile and GoAgile to StayAgile. We help you to map where you are today. When it is clear, we also want to help you to the next higher Agile level. When that is clear, we want to help you reach an even higher level of Agileness so that you can better adapt to change and continue to develop your business. The result is striking. Our customers experience increased efficiency and quality, smarter processes and increased engagement among their employees.


We want to be the world leading partner in evolving agile!



  • Happiness
  • Teamwork
  • Continuous Evolution

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  • We deliver sustainable Agile overall solutions that increase customer efficiency and give the customer competitive advantages
  • We work from the customer’s perspective to create added value, dare to challenge and recommend appropriate strategies
  • We help everyone around us to think, communicate and work Agile
  • We are involved in the development of the Agile concept
  • We have fun at work every day, so we contribute positively and engage in the human interaction
  • We develop our expertise and experience every day
  • We work together as a team, support and help each other both professionally and socially
  • We live as we learn

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