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Umeå, Head Office

Agiltec Group AB
Nygatan 14
903 27  Umeå

Agiltec Academy AB
Nygatan 14
903 27  Umeå


Agiltec Stockholm AB
Svetsarvägen 15, 2tr
171 41 Solna

Agiltec CI/CD AB
Svetsarvägen 15, 2tr
171 41 Solna


Agiltec Göteborg AB
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412 54 Gothenburg


Agiltec Syd AB
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222 22 Lund

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Agiltec Stockholm

  Svetsarvägen 15, 2tr, 171 41 Solna    

Agiltec Group Umeå

  Nygatan 14, 903 27 Umeå  

Agiltec Gothenburg

  Södra Vägen 34, 412 54 Gothenburg  

Agiltec South

  Kyrkogatan 17, 222 22 Lund  

Agiltec Stockholm

  Svetsarvägen 15, 2tr, 171 41 Solna    

Agiltec Group Umeå

  Nygatan 14, 903 27 Umeå  

Agiltec Gothenburg

  Södra Vägen 34, 412 54 Gothenburg  

Agiltec South

  Kyrkogatan 17, 222 22 Lund  

Our team

Jeanette Jealmo

CEO Agiltec Group

070-348 86 47


CEO and Senior Agile Coach. Jeanette hans been working with agile transformations within organizations like SEB, Folksam, Swedbank and St Jude.

Strong leader with a drive to constantly improve.

Mats Mörlund

Senior Agile Coach, Syd

070-822 04 30


Senior Consultant and Agile coach. Certified Scrum Master, Scrum Product Owner and Large Scale Scrum Practitioner.

Mats has 20 years experience from software development and agile transformations wihtin both small and large organizations.

Certified LeSS Practitioner

Mikael Jonasson

RTE / Agile Coach, Gothenburg

070-684 00 69


Mikael has more than 20 years experience from system development in projects and organizations in all different sizes and businessess.

Within agile he has worked primarily as Scrum Master but also with implementing SAFe and as an RTE.

SAFe ® 4 Program Consultant

Kaltrina Maliqi

Brand Manager, Agiltec Group

076-677 19 50


Kaltrina is a Brand Manager with experience from developing brands together with marketing and Communications. Kaltrina has experience from Scrum Master work and change management.

In her assignments she likes to challenge and change existing ways of working and structures. She is often recognized for her passion and commitment.

Linn Ståhl

Scrum Master/Agile Coach, Gothenburg

072-141 15 06


Linn is a certified Scrum Master and SAFe Agilist with experience from coaching international teams through agile transformations.

She drives change with passion and a friendly attitude.

SAFe ® 4 Program Consultant

Nicholas Rydje

CEO Agiltec CI/CD

073-345 00 54


Nicholas is an experienced expert within the CI/CD area.

Omar Zaghdane

HR partner, Agiltec Group

076-669 84 68


Omar is our HR partner with long experience from HR related questions and recruitement.

He knows what it takes to attract, recruite and retain the stars in our team!

Per Nordlinder

Senior Agile Coach, Umeå

070-293 39 79


Senior consultant, lean and agile coach. Certified SAFe Program Consultant (SPC), Scrum Master and Product Owner.

Per has more than 12 years experience from software development wihtin large global organizations with agile methods, environments and transformations as naturally included components.

Certified Scrum Product Owner

SAFe ® 4 Program Consultant

Peter Larsson

CI/CD expert, Umeå

072-402 36 56


Peter has experience from software development in both small and very large contexts since 2007.

He has extensive experience from introducing Continouos Integration in businesses within telecommunications, fincance and public sectors.

Lotta Nordqvist

CEO Agiltec Stockholm

076-669 84 67


Senior Agil Coach and change leader.

Lotta has more than 10 years experience from Scrum and agile within medical, banking and insurance businesses.

She likes creating the best possible conditions for teams, individuals and organizations to become high performing.

Mats Löfgren

CI expert, Umeå

070-294 71 36


Mats has solid experience from strategic and operative work with Continouous Integration.

His main business areas have been public sector, telecommunications and finance.

Karin Höök

CEO Agiltec Gothenburg

076-669 84 71


Karin has long experience from introducing lean and agile ways of working wihtin organizations such as Volvo and Nordea.

She has a strong strategic and operative ability to lead change towards agile methods and mindset.

SAFe ® 4 Program Consultant

Magnus Westin

Product Owner, Umeå

070-323 64 02


Magnus has more than 20 years experience from work in global international organizations in roles such as system architect and developer, Scrum Master and last but not least Product Owner.

Certified Scrum Product Owner


Johan Wikström

Business developer, Umeå

070-440 39 33


Johan has long and genuine experience from business development and entrepreneurial.

He has the will to make the world a better place using agile methods.

Andreas Wikström

Business developer, Stockholm

070-219 05 28


Entrepreneur with leadership experience.

Focuses on recruiting more Agila coaches and CI experts.

Mårten Persson

Scrum Master, Umeå

072-402 57 94


Experienced agile coach and Certified Scrum Master.

Mårten has been working in large scale industrial agile software projects since 2008.

Certified Scrum Master

Richard Lundström

Senior Agile Coach, Umeå

070-583 89 54


Senior consultant, Lean and Agile coach and change manager.

Richard has been working with software development and change management since 1993. He has experience from both global mega projects and small organizations.

SAFe ® 4 Program Consultant

Erik Backlund

CI/CD expert, Stockholm

076-677 19 57


Erik is a CI/CD-expert with many years experience from being in charge of establishing large pipelines and a CI/CD-culture, both in the private and public sectors.

Nils Granered

CEO Agiltec Academy

070-676 02 44


Senior consultant, Lean and Agile coach, Management consultant.

More than 25 years experience from management roles in small as well as large global organizations including leading agile transformations.

SAFe ® 4 Program Consultant

Dennis Bergman

Senior Agile Coach, Umeå

070-697 97 07


Senior consultant, Lean and Agile coach, SAFe Program Consultant.

20 years experience from software RnD, 10+ years experience from Lean and Agile coaching including leading agile transformations.

SAFe ® 4 Program Consultant

Johanna Ahnfelt

Scrum Master, Gothenburg

076-669 84 73


Johanna is a certified Scrum master with experience from agile transformation and coaching.

She has a background within Information Technology as a technician, administrator, team leader and Scrum Master.

She is also certified SAFe 4 Agilist and SAFe Scrum Master.

SAFe ® 4 Agilist

SAFe ® 4 Scrum Master

Leif Carlsson

Agile Business Developer, Gothenburg

076-677 19 55


Leif has a thorough experience of leading change and has worked many years with transforming businesses.

He is an experienced pre-study leader with facilitating skills and knowledge from cross functional international projects.

Leif is a team player with a positive and customer centric attitude.

SAFe ® 4 Agilist

Gunilla Englund

Senior Agile Coach, Umeå

070-639 36 78


Agile coach and change leader.

Gunilla has many years experience from business focused roled within system development, leadership and agile transformation work. She has been enganed in how we work together to build and maintain the right solutions for almost 20 years now. She is driven by supporting both human and team development.

Gunilla has also worked with educational training in different shapes for the past 30 years.

SAFe ® 4 Program Consultant

Jennifer Thorsell

Scrum Master/Agile Coach, Stockholm

076-669 84 69


Jennifer has several years of experience from agile and lean ways of working, in roles as Scrum Master and Agile Coach.

She has worked with agile transformations mainly in the IT and ensurance businesses.

She is driven by creating engagement and commitment to achieve results and a good working climate.

Certified Scrum Master


Kimberly Lejonö

Agile coach, Stockholm

076-677 19 59


Kimberly has experience from working as an RTE (Release Train Engineer) at Folksam and has been a driving force in the start-up of this work.

Before that, she has several years of experience as a Scrum master and project manager.

With her interest in people combined with her focus on achieving results, Kimberly feels confident in the role of a servant leader.

SAFe ® Agilist

SAFe ® Product Owner/Product Manager

SAFe ® Release Train Engineer

Jennie Lann

Agile coach, Gothenburg

076-677 19 53


Jennie has a background as project manager but has focused on lean/agile methods togeheter with organisation transformation and change management for many years now.

Jennie is a licenced coach and expert in high performing teams.

She is a team player that contributes with lots of energy in combination with high quality deliveries.

SAFe ® 4 Program Consultant

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