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Agile Transformation

In every moment, conditions change, which may place greater demands on the people in your organization and the method you choose as your approach to resolve problems.

It is crucial for success that the right choices are made, the methodology is constantly evolving and that improvements are maintained.

Agiltec leads large organizations through the Agile transformation. Our customers notice increased efficiency and quality, smarter processes and increased engagement among their employees.

We combine a solid progressive knowledge of Agile work with a deep understanding of the Agile transformation. We have knowledge of techniques and tools that are suitable building blocks for automatic and continuous integration, testing and rollout. We own the business expertise to help you realize your business profits and create a healthy growth.

Agile Transformation - We will lead your organization to a successful agile future.

We will lead your organization to a successful agile future.

We are working with Agile Transformation

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Per Nordlinder

Senior Agile Coach, Umeå

Lotta Nordqvist

CEO Agiltec Stockholm

Mats Mörlund

Senior Agile Coach, Syd

Dennis Bergman

Senior Agile Coach, Umeå

Andreas Wikström

Business developer, Stockholm

Jennifer Thorsell

Scrum Master/Agile Coach, Stockholm

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