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Continuous Integration & test automation

Continuous Integration

To become an agile organization, a well-functioning system of continuous integration is needed. We help you all the way from setup to a successful implementation.

Through continuous integration, the organization can regularly test itself and its work throughout the process, instead of waiting for final result. The key is to do tests and integration in different steps depending on how the system looks in terms of system type, size and number of modules. Furthermore, it is important that the test environment verifies what often causes problems and provide quick feedback to the user, but at the same time make solid tests that provide a good understanding of the whole. All to ensure quality.

We at Agiltec, know that the test steps are crucial for success. It is achieved with several steps, each more extensive, which in turn raises the quality of the current software version as we pass the test steps. It is also important that the tests and the environment are maintained to constantly protect the system against the imposition of errors. Therefore, new functionality must be secured by new tests in the CI machinery.

Test automation

In the agile way of working, fast and accurate feedback on each delivery is crucial. Test automation and continuous integration are therefore fundamental cornerstones of an agile development environment.

The automated tests are handled using a special software that controls the test procedure and evaluation of the results. Each test should provide clear results that can be easily interpreted based on function and performance requirements.

The concept is especially useful when you want to test the same scenario several times to ensure maintained functionality or have a higher degree of test coverage on each delivery. The tests can often be applied at several levels of a system and are a basic condition for continuous integration and testing. The tests can also be run both frequently and quickly, which helps improve feedback on the quality of the product.

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