Nygatan 14, Umeå, Sweden Svetsarvägen 15, Solna, Sweden Södra Vägen 34, Gothenburg, Sweden Kyrkogatan 17, Lund, Sweden +46-10-195 92 10

Linn Ståhl is an experienced Scrum Master with a great interest in agile methods. She has experience based knowledge about agile ceremonies and has the ability to lead teams through reterospectives, demos and sprint plannings. Linn is a certified SAFE Agilist and SAFE Advanced Scrum Master and she has true experience from working in scaled agile environments where she has guided teams through several PI Planning events.

Linn is positive, innovative and always willing to try new ideas out. She emphasizes the need for constant improvements and she is not afraid to challenge old structures with the goal to remove obstacles and bottlenecks. Linn is a very social person and she handles new challenges with lots of energy and joy.

We are very proud and happy that Linn choses Agiltec. The team is growing and with more great members there will be even more Joy, Teamwork and Constant Development!

Welcome Linn!

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